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“Offering safe and reliable solutions during the full life-cycle of offshore windfarms.”

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About Føn Energy Services

Føn Energy Services is an independent service provider to the energy industry sectors. Through a relentless focus on quality, safety, and industrialization Føn Energy Services aims to bring down the cost of O&M, resulting in reducing the levelized cost of energy for developers and operators. Føn considers digitalization as the lever for unlocking additional value and securing improved risk distribution across the value chain. Visit us at www.fonenergyservices.com and follow us in LinkedIn.

In summary we offer:

  • BoP topside services – structural, electrical and mechanical inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) of the turbine foundations, monopiles (confined space works) and offshore and onshore sub stations, blade inspections and repair
  • BoP subsea services – structural and NDT inspection, repair and maintenance on foundations, scour protection and cables utilising ROVs, dive teams and survey techniques
  • Installation services – export and inter-array cable pull-ins, shore-landings, pre and post installation surveys, UXO remediation, Pre Lay Grapnel Run(PLGR) operations secondary/snagging/retrofit works, bolting works and temporary power solutions
  • Decommissioning – expertise in met-mast and subsea asset removal activities developed through a company background in wreck removal and subsea salvage works

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We offer: